About Us

Our history

Ermifruta is a company located in the central area of the country (Portugal), district of Coimbra, municipality of Mira, with extensive experience in the marketing of fruit and vegetables. With more than 26 years of activity, it appeared on the market as a company in January 2008. Since January 1, 2017 with new management, new values, new goals, new ideas and ambitions. Present in the National and International market to bring freshness, flavor and pleasure to your tables.

Our Values

Professionalism – Quality – Integrity – Proximity – Innovation – Sustainability

Professionalism, specialization in the fruit and vegetable sector, allows us to respond efficiently to all challenges and expectations, in each working day and each new order, thus accompanying the product in the best way throughout its journey from origin to final delivery, and our goal is to meet the full satisfaction of our customers, being constantly at their disposal.

Quality, products, their freshness as well as their organoleptic properties, make us improve and perfect our work processes every day in order to provide an excellent experience to the end consumer.

Integrity, respect for the demands, ambitions and needs of our economic partners are a constant concern of our activity.

Proximity / Team spirit, knowing the requirements, claims and requests of our employees as well as economic partners is our motto, as human capital is of vital and crucial importance for us, only in this way do we believe we can provide an exceptional service.

Innovation / Dynamism, in order to provide the best service/experience to our customers, we use the best technologies at our disposal in the market in order to optimize our entire service, from production, storage, conservation through logistics to final consumption. By actively participating in all stages, we can adapt and react promptly to all environmental, economic and social situations, in order to serve you in the best way with the best products.

Environment / Sustainability, one of the biggest goals, challenge and care is to manage to lower the CO2 (carbon dioxide) record of our activity and the use of natural resources in an increasingly rational, efficient and sustainable way. This requires extensive knowledge on the ground and the participation of all our producers.